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Welcome Lynnea !

lundi 12 novembre 2018, par CHARLOTTE LEAUTIER

Lynnea is our new language assistant. She is from the USA, she is 21 years old and she has one older sister and two dogs. She lives in Chicago. She landed in Charles De Gaulle airport on September 17th and took the night train to Gap. She speaks French a bit but she is here to speak English only with us ! 

She has visited the states of California (Los Angeles), Iowa, Montana, Arizona, New-York. She has also travelled to Spain (Barcelona), Iceland, Switzerland, Hongria and Italy in October.

She loves Gap, she thinks it’s a cute city. There are no mountains in Chicago ! She likes snowboarding and skiing. She will go back to the US in June but her family is coming to Gap for Christmas !                                                                         WELCOME LYNNEA !                                                                            By Noah, Paolo and Yanis (3D)


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