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Meet Grace and Nat !

samedi 20 janvier 2018

Meet Grace and Nat !

Article by Maé, Louane, Juliette and Mathis (5F)


"Today, Grace and Nat are with us ! Nathaniel was born on April, 7th 1987 and Grace was born on June, 27th 1985. So he is 30 and she is 28. They live in Seattle, on the Western Coast of the United States. They are married and met in a restaurant !

Nat is French but he lives in Seattle. So he speaks French and English. He is 1,85m tall (6ft). He grew up in Gap and he was a student at Fontreyne Secondary School  !!! He’s got 3 older brothers. He is a chef in a restaurant in Seattle. He likes American football and he loves watching TV. His favorite band is MACKLEMORE.

Grace is an American girl but she speaks French a little ! She is 1,80 (5ft 10 inch). She hasn’t got any pet but she has one sister. She likes basketball, swimming and cooking. Her nickname is Gracie. She is a waitress in a restaurant too ! She is generous and creative.

They don’t have a child. They love travelling. Their favorite foods are cheeseburgers, pizza, doughnuts, cereals, pancakes and ice-cream ! Typical American food !

To Grace and Nat : thank you for coming in our class last Friday ! And thank you Enzo for inviting them ! "

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