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vendredi 6 décembre 2013, par M. PERTILLE, Principal-adjoint

Language and Cultural Exchange With Pinerolo

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Echange avec Pinerolo

Collège de Fontreyne has had a history of very successful exchange visits with the teachers and students of Pinerolo. This visit, November 14 to November 18 was no exception. The group consisted of a mixture of 29 boys and girls in both 4 eme and 5 eme classes, along with three teachers. There were many interesting places to visit : a car museum, a cinema museum, a talc mine and an ancient Fort. All of these were very informative and there was lots to be learnt.

Above all, connections were made on a personal level between the italian and french students. The New Zealand flavour that I added to the mixture was an extra bonus. This proves that learning a language extends into cultural understanding. I think that it is important that learning languages continues to maintain its importance in school education. Cultural understanding is crucial for discussions about global issues.

The 3 teachers ; M. Bailly, M. Sicard and Mme Runnerström, were very proud of the Collége de Fontreyne’s students. The trip was a rich and inspiring experience. M. Bailly and M. Sicard organised the trip very well. The goodwill between Gap and Pinerolo is a worthwhile investment in the future.

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